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Summer Holidays at The Beeches

30 09.13

Phew! Summer holidays at The Beeches can really be a busy time. This year the summer went smoothly though with various day trips and holidays organised which all the children thoroughly enjoyed. The first trip was a ‘custom’ trip to Newcastle with one of the children to the ‘Dr Who’ exhibition – this was a first in terms of flying and also in attending the exhibition as well as a 2-night stay in a hotel in newcastle. trips were also made to Kelling Heath in a ‘luxury’ caravan where great fun was had by all – bike-riding featuring heavily during the trip! A trip was also made to Butlins – a firm favourite among many of our children – great accommodations and entertainment to keep them occupied!!
kelling-heathdrWho Exhibitcaravan_kelling_heath

So despite the hard work, all the children at The Beeches had a fun summer holiday – something all children should have an opportunity to do. Next year I’m hoping more staff will offer to accompany children on these trips – truly a rewarding experience.