A Typical Day

Although some days are different, our team try to follow a definite structure. Our morning begins with registration with a designated keyworker, which is followed by Mindful Time, details of this can be found in the attached document below our timetable.


9am – 9.15am

Registration With Keyworker / Mindful Time 1

9.15am – 10am

Lesson 1

10am – 10.50am

Lesson 2

10.50am – 11.10am


11.10am – 11.25am

Mindful Time 2

11.25am – 12.15pm

Lesson 3

12.15pm – 1pm

Lesson 4a / Early Lunch Period

1pm – 2pm

Mindful Time 3 & Lesson Time 4b / Late Lunch Period & Mindful Time 3

2pm – 3pm

Lesson 5 (Enrichment)

3pm – 3.15pm

Golden Time

For further details in relation to our timetable at The Beeches Independent School, please follow the link below.

A Typical Day