School Curriculum

The Beeches Independent Special School is committed to providing an engaging and influential curriculum for each of our young people. Our ethos is that all students are able to make progress and achieve, whatever their ability.


We understand the challenges.

The Beeches Independent School is passionate about ensuring that each and every student is provided with necessary and specific tools that can enable them to progress into society, regardless of their skills and abilities. Our Curriculum Statement is updated regularly and can be accessed using the link below.

Curriculum Statement


Our model of education for Level 1-6.

At The Beeches Independent School, teaching groups are differentiated according to ability with topics and schemes of work matched to prior attainment. We use topics from Cornerstones Education as the basis for our learning and, wherever possible, we match topics across levels of ability. This allows us to plan and facilitate meaningful enrichment activities and visits that can be accessed by all of our students. This model also allows us to measure progress across ability groups, by mapping skills that develop throughout the six years of Mars, Venus and Jupiter.

At the end of each academic year, students will complete a ‘Catch-up’ unit, the content of which will be decided by factors such as: attainment, attendance, attitude to learning and progress.

The schemes of work planned in Level 1 – 2 in ‘Mars’ can be viewed below.

Mars Level 1-2 Provision

The schemes of work planned in Level 3 – 4 in ‘Venus’ can be viewed below.

Venus Level 3-4 Provision


The schemes of work planned in Level 5 – 6 in ‘Jupiter’ can be viewed below.

Jupiter Level 5-6 Provision


Our subject provisions for Post-16.

Here at The Beeches Independent School, we provide a range of up to eight comprehensive subjects that are tailored to ensure each of our students are given an extensive skill set so they can progress in their educational vocation and prosper as well-rounded individuals, regardless of their abilities. A detailed description of the subjects we provide for our Post-16 students is updated regularly and can be accessed through the link below

Post-16 Provision