School Placements

Providing bespoke education for children with special educational needs.

  • Between 10 and 19 years old
  • Needs and circumstances must have been assessed by a Local Authorities Social Services Department
  • A young person with a learning disability and / or emotional / behavioural disorders
  • In receipt of a completed referral form and placement agreement

Types of child care placements

  • Emergency placements
  • Respite (including non-residential stays)
  • Short term and long term residential placements
  • Sibling placements
  • Pre-fostering (including assessment)
  • Block purchased placements


We encourage families and care professionals to visit The Beeches at any stage prior or during the placement process.

To arrange a visit, please contact Rebecca Ouellani directly on: 01733 344448.

If you would like to enquire regarding a new placement, please email us details at