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At the very heart of Silver Birch Care is a genuine commitment to making a real difference in the lives of looked after young people.  As an established provider, recognised for our experience and outstanding reputation in the semi-independent supported living sector, we strive to provide therapeutic support and appropriate solutions to some of the most difficult challenges involving looked after young people.

We work closely with local authorities and other professional support bodies to ensure that each and every young person is placed within an environment that seeks to address their unique and individual needs.

Operating a number of high quality, fully staffed semi-independent homes, and independent outreach support provisions for young people aged 16 and over, as well as offering a wide range of specialist support services including therapy, education, training and development, Silver Birch Care are truly committed to making a real difference to young lives.

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We recognise the challenges young people encounter as they prepare to leave local authority care and make the transition into independent adult life. We believe that by providing young people with positive role models, and dedicated empathetic, experienced support workers, we can successfully equip them with the independent living skills they need to move forward and make positive contributions to their wider communities. We are committed to all aspects of equality and diversity which is reflected in our ethos, culture and practice of service delivery. We treat each individual with respect, and embrace the significant contributions that come from the diversity of our young people, staff, partners and stakeholders.

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Our success, passion and commitment require us to always provide the highest standards of support, and to consistently encourage and individualise the development of opportunities for our young people, and our skilled, dedicated staff team.