Child Centred Planning

We adopt a holistic approach to care and discipline at The Beeches which in turn promotes positive behaviour, high self-esteem and confidence; the elements which provide the foundations for life-long success.

About us

Our vision is to achieve the outcomes that matter most to the children and young people in our care, including:

  • Being healthy
  • Staying safe
  • Making a positive contribution
  • Enjoying and achieving
  • Achieving economic well being

We welcome enquiries from local authorities within the UK needing to place a child with learning disabilities and associated challenging behaviours aged 8-25 years.

Should you have any specific enquiries, please contact us directly on 01733 344448 or at

Prior to admission

Prior to admission and upon receipt of a completed referral form, we undertake an initial assessment to establish the suitability of our service to the needs of the child.

Once a child or young person joins us, we use person-centred planning to devise an individualised care package – this is designed to empower and inspire them to reach their full potential.

Care plans are reviewed regularly – with input from the child or young person, their family and other allied care professionals. Care plans are monitored and reviewed to accommodate the child’s changing needs.

Children are supported in reaching their full potential whilst preserving their personal choices.

Tailoring care to the individual

  • We work closely with children and their families / care professionals to establish the most appropriate environment that will meet the child’s needs – this would include personalisation of their bedrooms
  • Flexible care packages ranging from 1:1 – 2:1 depending on specific needs
  • Within our spacious home, we are able to offer the space and environment necessary for each child – whether that be within a communal setting or within their ‘own space’
  • We recruit professional therapists who visit the home – sports, music and pet therapy
  • Promotion of choice and diversity in areas ranging from nutrition to social inclusion
  • In-depth social, health and educational assessments

If you would like to discuss a new enquiry with one of our team, please call us on 01733 344448 or send us an email at