We promote good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle

In accordance with guidelines set out by Change 4 Life, children at The Beeches are taught healthy eating habits and are educated about the benefits of eating a well-balanced diet.


Ways in which children are involved with menu planning:

  • Selection of foods during supervised trips to local supermarkets
  • Involvement in food preparation (where appropriate)
  • Opportunity to incorporate ‘favourite foods’ within healthy eating programme

In addition, we are able to cater for children who have either allergies or an intolerance to certain food groups or are prohibited to eat certain foods due to religious beliefs.

Healthy Living

In addition to eating a well-balanced diet, children at The Beeches are encouraged to lead an active lifestyle. The Beeches benefits from having a large garden that offers various activities. It benefits from having a swing set, trampoline and football net where children are encouraged to exercise and play together.
A sports therapist regularly visits The Beeches to assess the children’s fitness levels. Goals are set for each child and incorporated within a fun and inclusive training regime that incorporates a range of different sports.


If you would like to discuss a new enquiry with one of our team, please call us on 01733 344448 or send us an email at info@beechesuk.co.uk