Boxing Challenge at The Beeches

In April, all our semi-independent living homes in Peterborough were invited to take part in a boxing challenge hosted by our Sports Coach, Sanket.

All homes were provided with full boxing equipment including boxing gloves, pads and punching bags.

Young people were enthusiastic about taking part and the challenge was a great success. It provided young people with an avenue to engage in physical activity but also to enjoy themselves.

From a psychological support perspective, use of the punching bag without prompt (in isolation of the actual boxing challenge) was also a helpful way of letting staff know if the young person was feeling any inner frustrations, thus allowing the staff to help manage their concerns.

Everyone worked extremely hard, and all participants were given with special medals to award them for their efforts.

Our team are due to present the award for the overall boxing challenge winner later this week. We will share photos if and when consent is provided by both the young person and their social worker.

Overall, everyone had a great time. The boxing challenge was a good way to stay positively engaged and busy during the lockdown period.

Stay tuned for more challenges and activities coming soon!