Artwork by our students at The Beeches Independent Special School

At The Beeches Independent Special School, we encourage our students to express their creativity.

We are extremely proud of the amazing artwork our students have produced, who have utilised a variety of methods, such as painting, canvas drawing, tie-dye cushion stitching and potato printing. Who knows, we might have the next Picasso on our hands!

You can enjoy some of their masterpieces below.

CD’s amazing artwork of mountains – CD used an image available then put his own stamp on it as he wanted to show the effect of night versus day.

NM’s canvas of a fish drawn all by herself – she used a technique called Batiking. This effect is achieved by using a hot glue gun and then painting carefully between lines. NM chose bright contrasting colours.

LA drew a unicorn she found an image of, but then added her own design to the final drawing on the cushion she made using fabric pens. LA finished her cushion using a basic running stitch which neatly fastened the cushion together after adding the stuffing, which LA said was “squeezable”.

Tie dying is a swirl effect which CD researched how to do. He added colours after watching a video and followed instructions on how to achieve this look. CD finished the cushion by sewing, using cross stitch and tucked it inside out as he did not want to see the stitching.

GB has created an abstract pattern from her imagination. Choosing bold colours and lines to make it look like “it is floating” in her words. The reason she chose a black background was for the effect and to make the “colours stand out “she said.

JF was very independent Tie dying his fabric ready for making into a cushion.

NM created this picture as part of our abstract week, using bold colours.

This is NM’s finished picture, which was created as part of our abstract week, using bold colours.

Chinese New Year picture to celebrate the pig of NM birth date animal.

JS made flowers from potato printing.

L was sewing, using the basic stitch to put together his tie dye cushion.

KL's finished tie dye cushion

This is KL’s finished tie dye cushion.